• July 18, 2024
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How Indian Massage Reduces Inflammation

Want to ease chronic inflammation? Indian massage therapy is an excellent choice for reducing chronic inflammation. In this blog post, we will discuss how Indian massage reduces inflammation. 

  1. Offer deep relaxation 

As you are possibly aware, a deeply relaxed state can resolve several physical and mental health conditions. One main benefit you can get through good Indian massage therapy is a calm, relaxed state. It also helps the recipient to reduce inflammation.

One main condition that causes both stress and inflammation is increased levels of stress hormone cortisol. But by choosing an effective Indian massage treatment you can successfully reduce stress hormone levels. It also supports your body in capably reducing inflammation.

Maintaining a healthy fluid level is important for your body. It is the lymphatic system that helps your body to maintain the right fluid levels. A good Indian massage activates the lymphatic system which leads to the removal of toxins and other waste products. This helps in the efficient reduction of inflammation levels. 

  1. Reduce stress hormone levels

Your body can relax well and experience a peaceful state when the stress hormone level is low. Increased levels of stress hormone cortisol not only cause stress but also result in chronic inflammation. 

One of the best methods to maintain your mental wellness is receiving frequent Indian massage treatments. Different methods used in Indian massage treatment by an experienced therapist support reducing the stress hormone level. When your body is deeply relaxed and your stress level is low, the inflammation level will naturally decrease. 

Our Massage Spa Ajman is the best massage center in the city to experience quality Indian massage. Apart from the quality massage treatments, the quiet atmosphere of our center and the usage of high-quality herbal oils assist in helping you to get a calm, peaceful state of mind. 

  1. Improve lymphatic flow

Proper removal of toxins and other metabolic waste products is very important to maintain physical wellness. See, the building up of toxins and waste products can cause chronic inflammation. 

The lymphatic system within our body is the key factor in removing toxins. One main advantage you will receive through a good Indian massage is the activation of lymphatic flow. Especially the strokes and pressure applied during this form of therapy can activate the lymphatic system. As a result, your body can maintain a healthy lymphatic system. 

  1. Inclusion of herbal oils

The usage of high-quality herbal oils is one important highlight of Indian massage treatment. It offers numerous benefits for the recipient including decreased inflammation level. The application of massage oils can reduce inflammation in several ways.

Firstly, the usage of herbal oil during Indian massage therapy helps to increase blood flow. It will offer two important benefits – helping to remove the element that causes inflammation and deliver sufficient nutrients and oxygens to the affected cells. In this way, massage therapy assists in improving the healing process. 

Additionally, high-quality massage oils have anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing swelling. Furthermore, the moisturizing properties of these herbal oils support decreasing skin inflammation. 

At our Jameela Spa Ajman center, we only use high-purity herbal oils to offer maximum benefits to our customers. Rather than just resolving the physical discomforts, every customer leaves our center feeling reenergized. 

  1. Strengthen immune system 

Needless to say, a healthy immune system helps you to prevent chronic inflammation. Frequent Indian massage therapy ensures the recipient will attain a healthy, strong immune system. 

Helping to maintain a healthy blood flow is one major benefit the Indian massage therapy offers. This increased circulation assists the body in moving immune cells efficiently throughout the body. Evidently, you will get a strong immune system through this process, helping to reduce inflammation.

See, inflammation becomes worse when you are stressed or anxious. Indian massage treatments are renowned for reducing stress hormone levels. Therefore, frequent wellness treatment can surely help you avoid getting affected by chronic inflammation 

  1. Balancing bodily energies or doshas

Instead of just focusing on improving physical health, Indian massage treatment offers overall health improvement by balancing body, mind, and soul. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in bodily energy results in various health issues including inflammation. 

Through various techniques and application of herbal oils Indian massage treatments help the recipient to achieve the balancing of body, mind, and soul. This right balancing assists in managing stress, improving sleep quality, increasing blood circulation, and more. As a result, the recipient can achieve remarkable improvement in health including relief from chronic inflammation. 

Simply, the holistic approach used in Indian massage therapy by experienced therapists helps in preventing chronic inflammation.


To sum up, Indian massage treatment is a perfect method to reduce chronic inflammation. Following the ancient healing methods and application of high-quality herbal oils Indian massage offers numerous health benefits including relief from chronic inflammation. 

Want to experience the best Indian massage treatment in Ajman city? Jameela Ajman Spa Center offers the most beneficial Indian massage therapy in the city. Call our staff now to schedule your next Indian massage treatment at our massage center. 

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