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Ajman is one of the emirates known for massage services in UAE and Jameel Ajman spa know as one of the best Ajman SPA having decades of experience in massage services across Ajman.

Can you believe that you can experience world-class spa treatment in Ajman at a very economical rate?

Ajman Spa focuses on providing the best spa treatment for just AED 99. Apart from the affordable price, our service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Understandably, It is a service that gives utmost importance to the convenience of the customer.

Our spa uses both ancient methods and cutting-edge technologies of the present times to guarantee pure relaxation and rejuvenation to every single customer. So, undoubtedly our spa is the right place where you can reinvent yourself by revitalizing your body and mind.

We offers various massage ajman services which made us to be one of the known massage center in Ajman . we have talented and experiences therapists with diverse culture of therapist made us more prominent. Every therapist are hand picked based on their experience and specialization and onboarded with agressive training in order to make sure they will be capable provide a ralaxation and rejuvenation through our massage services in Ajman.

So, stop waiting. Book your appointment at Jameela Ajman Spa today itself.

How to prepare for a massage Service?

If you haven't prior massaging service experience or first time booking for a massage service, here's few recommendation for preparing for the service.

Take a shower

Every massage room will have bathroom associated with it and We'd always recommend taking a quick shower before your massage therapist arrives. Not only will this make the experience better for your therapist, but you'll also feel more confident during the treatment. The health benefits of the massage itself will be enhanced by taking a shower, which also energizes the body and increases blood flow.

Keep hydrated

Make sure to stay hydrated before and after your massage - this will ensure that your muscles remain relaxed and supple, as well as helping you feel energized. Drink some water or Green tea for better relaxation.

Avoid stubble

Shave cleanly before your attending massaging session, it will make your therapist comfortable. It’s a part of keeping right massaging etiquette.

Different types of Massages Available at Jameela Spa Ajman

1. Full Body Massage

As the name suggests, a full body massage ajman focuses on massaging muscles all over the body. It is one of the effective massing methods to relieve muscle tension and stress. Typically a full body massage will last for 60 to 90 minutes.

The certified therapist will use different methods including stroking, rubbing, and kneading. The pressure the therapist will apply on the muscle group will depend upon your needs and preferences.

Jameela Spa Ajman is among the top centers that provide the best full-body massage in the city. So, Reserve your place now.

Health Benefits of A Full Body Massage

● Relief from muscle soreness, tension, and pain

● Improved Blood circulation.

● Improved sleep Quality.

● Provide total relaxation.

● Improve Digestive well-being.

2. Four Hand Massage

The four-hand massaging method is more effective than single-therapist massaging as it includes two skilled therapists. They use deep tissue massaging, aromatherapy, and Swedish massaging within this method.

It is synchronized movements from therapists that make this system very effective. It will help the recipient to relieve tension from muscles and to experience total relaxation.

We can proudly say that Jameela Massage Spa Ajman and Sharjah Spa provide the best four-hand massage in the city. So, Secure your seat now

Advantages Of Four- Hand Massage

● Detoxification of the body.

● Improved blood circulation.

● Relief from muscle tension, pain, and knots.

● Provide pure relaxation to body and mind.

3. Kerala Massage.

Kerala Massage is arguably the most popular form of ayurvedic massage at Jameela Massage Ajman Center. The skilled therapists will apply rhythmic strokes all over the body. They use herbal-infused oils for the procedure.

Kerala massage ajman follows different techniques explained in the ancient Ayurvedic system. This massaging method is also known as Abhyangam. It is a highly effective massaging method that ensures overall health for the recipient.

The usage of high-quality oils in this method will help to nourish the skin. Coconut oil, sesame oil, and almond oil are the main oils used in Kerala massaging. The intensity of the pressure applied to the body depends upon the conditions and preferences.

Kerala massaging will surely offer overall well-being and rejuvenation for the recipient. It is also an effective method to improve sleep quality and blood flow, to experience total relaxation, and to relieve muscle tension and back pain.

The therapist at Jameela Massage Spa ensures the full benefits of Kerala massage for the customers through the right consultation and choosing the right techniques. So, call our staff now to guarantee your spot.

Physical Benefits Of Kerala Massage

● Boosts the Immunity power of the body.

● Improved blood circulation and Total relaxation to body and mind.

● Relief from stress and anxiety.

● Relief from aches and pains.

● Release of toxins from the body.

● Improved sleep quality.

● Improved blood circulation and hydration will help to heal dry skin.

4. Russian Massage.

Within this method, therapists use a combination of deep tissue massage and sports massaging methods. It is extremely important to seek advice from an experienced therapist at first.

The therapist will use kneading, rubbing, and tapping varying in intensity of applied pressure. This method is very effective in fastening healing from muscle injuries. Russian massage ajman will also help the recipient get improved blood flow and flexibility, and relief from pain tension, and anxiety.

Therapists at Jameela Ajman Spa will always make sure they understand the conditions of the customer very deeply before applying the method. They will also give utmost care while massaging.

Both the exceptional care and high level of effectiveness we keep make us the best massaging to get Russian Massage. So, make your reservation now to secure your seat.

Top Health Benefits Of Russian Massage

● Relief from muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue.

● Improved mobility and flexibility.

● Improved metabolism.

● Nourishment to the skin.

5. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscle. Also, the therapist uses deep, long pressures on targeted points.

For the same reason, it is very important to explain your health condition and preferences properly to the therapist at first.

To target the deep layers of muscles therapists have to apply firm pressure. This unique method is very effective in curing pain, tension, and inflammation in muscles.

This massaging method demands a well-experienced therapist like the therapist at Jameela Spa to execute the techniques in the right way. So look no further and reserve your seat now.

Different Ways Deep Tissue Massage Benefits Your Health

● Reliefs from chronic aches and pains.

● Improved mobility.

● Fasten recovery after injuries.

● Relief from anxiety and stress.

● Reduce inflammation.

6. Thai Massage

The uniqueness of Thai massage ajman is the combination of yoga, acupressure, and rhythmic movements used within this method. The therapist will instruct the customer to do certain stretches during the process.

Thai massage uses mats instead of massage tables. Therapists will knead and apply pressure on the acupressure points on the body. Normally, thai massaging will last from 60 to 90 minutes.

The main benefits of Thai massing are total relaxation, improved flexibility, blood flow and energy, and relief from aches, pains, and muscle tension.

Undoubtedly, Jameela Massage Spa is among the best places to get a Thai massage. So, Book your spot now.

Importance of receiving Thai Massage

● Improved energy level and sleep quality.

● Improved blood circulation and relief from pains and aches.

● Relief from muscle and joint pains.

● Improved mobility and flexibility.

● Improved digestion.

● Relief from stress, anxiety, and headaches.

7. Hot Stone Massage

A unique massaging method where the therapist will place smooth, heated basalt stones on different pressure points on the body. Basalt stones have a special capacity to retain heat. Typically, the therapist places heated stones on the back, feet, and palms. They will also use gliding, pressuring, and compression using the stones.

Both heat from stones and applying pressure work simultaneously to provide ultimate relaxation for the recipient. The hot stone massaging will provide both relief from pain, and aches, and total relaxation.

Jameela Massage Spa Ajman and Sharjah Massage Centers are among the best places that offer this unique hot stone massaging. So, book your reservations now.

Why receiving a Hot Stone Massage is important

● Promote sleep quality.

● Strengthen the immune system.

● Relief from chronic pains and aches.

● Improved body energy.


● Provide pure relaxation.

Undeniable Reasons To Choose Jameela Massage Center Ajman

1) We provide the best available spa treatments in Ajman and Sharjah at an affordable rate of AED 99.

2) All therapists at Jameela Massage Spa Ajman are certified and have years of experience in the field.

3) Our services are open 24 hours 7 days a week. So, it is very easy for customers to make appointments.

4) As the conditions and preferences of customers are different they need different types of massages. At Jameela Massage Spa, we offer different massages including full body massage, Kerala massage, thai massage, Russian massage, hot stone massage, ayurvedic massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, aroma therapy massage, and four-hand massage.

5) We give utmost importance to understanding the conditions and suggestions of the customers. Because that understanding is the base for designing the best combination of treatments for a particular customer.

6) The quiet, serene, and clean atmosphere at Jameela Massage Center Ajman has the power to make you feel calm immediately.

7) To provide the best massaging experience we use only top-quality products at this massaging center.

8) At Jameela Spa Ajman and Sharjah Spa, we also provide different amenities like steam rooms, different types of showers, hair accessories, and sauna towels.

How Jameela Spa Ajman Works ?

1) Select the Service

2) Pick Your Time & Date

3) Call Us / WhatsApp for booking

4) We welcome You at Jameela Spa Ajman

Your Monthly Wellness Routine Made Easy ?

Monthly wellness important for everyone and Massage is part of integrative medicine. Jameela Spa Ajman often offer it with standard treatment. It can be used for a wide range of conditions of individuals.

What is the difference between spa & Body massage?

the benefits of spa treatment is pure relaxation and luxurious ambiance. Unlike massages in spa treatments you will get body cleansing treatment water treatment and relaxation therapies

What is massage spa therapy?

Different types of massages you get in Sharjah massage center will help you to revitalize your body and spirit. Jameel Ajman spa typically offer a variety of massage services such as Full Body Massage in Ajman, Four Hand Massage in Ajman, Body Massage in Ajman, Couples Massage in Ajman, Thai Massage in Ajman , Hot stone massage in Ajman, Deep Tissue Massage in Ajman, Ayurvedic Massage In Ajman, Aromatherapy massage in Ajman, Hot Oil massage in Ajman, Sensual massage in Ajman, Kerala massage in Ajman, Russian spa and massage in Ajman, Malayali Massage In Ajman, Body to body massage in Ajman and also our massage starts at just 99 AED. We are the best and cheapest massage spa center in Ajman and Sharjah.

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